Fulfilling your true potential

“It is vital to help you navigate a new psychological path out of distress, or relative unhappiness.”

I’m feeling…

  • anxious
  • depressed
  • stressed out
  • helpless
  • out of control

I’m facing these difficulties at the moment…

  • low self-esteem
  • sex and relationship issues
  • separation, bereavement or loss
  • emotional eating or an addiction
  • workplace issues
  • not knowing what I want to do with my life

Counselling can help you turn things around more quickly than you might think. Most people begin to feel much better after 6-10 sessions. Deciding how much counselling support you need thereafter is entirely up to you. As an experienced counsellor with over 10 years’ experience, I have the skills and for much longer-term work too, if you want to go further.

You may feel in low spirits when you start counselling, but click below for some of the potential benefits you can reasonably expect.

There is an abundance of material out there on all the psychological symptoms you may have when life is proving to be more stressful than it should be. It is helpful to know how you feel about your current situation – for example, whether you are anxious, depressed, grieving or experiencing relationship difficulties.

But it is even more vital to help you navigate a new psychological path out of the distress, or relative unhappiness. The past naturally has an influence on who we have become and the direction our lives have taken. The most important task, however, is to become more resilient for the future.

Counselling is a transformative process. It is likely that many fundamental aspects of who you are will be changed by counselling. Obstacles to who you’d really like to become are frequently overcome as you grow and become more self-aware.

The benefits of counselling

These are some of the benefits (see left) that can reasonably be expected from counselling work, with the right kind of emotional investment in the process. As with many other things in life, the results often reflect the psychological effort put in by the individual or couple.

Good mental health is often described in terms of the absence of distressing psychological symptoms, but it is far more than that. I believe in helping you grow in a natural way, at your own pace, to achieve your goals in life. This makes use of your existing strengths and talents to overcome the issues you feel are holding you back. Relationships benefit hugely from the whole process.

How does counselling work?

“Counselling can be a powerful agent for psychological growth, or simply allowing us to live our lives more fully in the present.”

To help you fulfil your true potential, we can explore your current life situation and the issues you are facing, what may be holding you back, and how to overcome the difficulties you face.

Going deeper…

Counselling is actually a very creative process, enabling individuals and couples to make significant changes in many aspects of their lives. Many on their personal journeys overcome their initial difficulties, and the reasons they first came to counselling, and find themselves travelling into new, unchartered waters.

Further into counselling, others areas of one’s life may be brought into sharper focus. It can become very important for some to work at a deeper level with their newfound confidence in living more authentically. Exploring the meanings of one’s existence can often lead to the challenging of long-standing, personal beliefs. Working at a deeper level often means tapping into unconscious material more.

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