Many people come for counselling when their relationship is in crisis.

You may feel your relationship is stuck or locked into a negative pattern of interactions. Sometimes, people feel like there is a big decision hanging over their heads. Or it may be a case of wanting to get things back on track so you can start enjoying your lives together again.

There are always options – this is where counselling can make a massive difference.

If you feel your relationship is in trouble for any reason, counselling is the place to explore the issue, ideally as a couple. Sometimes, it may be helpful to clarify things by having some individual counselling first.

Research suggests that couples will wait until six years after they feel something is wrong before seeking the help of a counsellor. In addition, around 70 per cent of the arguments couples have are essentially about the same thing. It doesn’t have to be this way.

All this points to the need for a professional intervention by an experienced counsellor. Setting up new communication processes can feel a little strange at first – however, it can be very rewarding in the long-run.

Couples in counselling often notice the following changes:


A better understanding of each other’s needs


The breaking of unhelpful habits


Fewer standoffs and better attempts at repair


The formation of new, positive habits


Greater intimacy, empathy and mutual appreciation


An increase in positive interactions

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